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Accredited Appraiser Of:


Heavy Equipment

Oil Field Equipment

Farm Equipment

Forestry Equipment

Franchises & Other Businesses

Vehicles & Classic Cars

RV’s & Boats

Collectibles & Sports Memorabilia

General Assets







Insurance Companies

Divorce & Separation Proceedings

Business Dissolution

Turn to JR’s Certified Appraisals for an on-site equipment appraisal anywhere in Canada and the USA.

We provide a complete and well documented equipment appraisal for your needs, whether you are buying,
selling, applying for a loan, involved in litigation, starting a business, dissolving a business, involved in divorce
or separation proceedings, or applying for insurance.

Wherever you are in Canada or the USA, JR's Certified Appraisals can fill
your equipment appraisal needs.
Phone:  1-403-347-2719
or 1-877-347-2719 (toll-free in Canada)

Vehicle Appraisals - Classic Cars

Recreational Vehicle Appraisals - Boats

Not just equipment appraisals!  We also provide:

Business Appraisals

Franchise Appraisals

Divorce Appraisals

- all on-site throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, the rest of Canada and the USA.  

Appraisal Experience

JR's Certified Appraisals has over 20 years of experience providing appraisals in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, as well as the rest of Canada and across the USA.  Our experience includes appraisals of:

Farm Appraisals - Air Seeder Tank.

We have provided equipment appraisal services to financial institutions, insurance companies, barristers & solicitors, accounting firms, Imperial Oil Ltd., Case Credit in Illinois USA, as well as many smaller companies and other individuals.

See our Appraisal Experience page for complete details.

We recently used JR's Certified Appraisers for the first time to deliver a fair and comprehensive appraisal of a 1982 ladder truck that was donated to our organization. We were not disappointed!…(Bob Dubbert, Firefighters Without Borders Canada).  
Read this and more testimonials on our Client Testimonial page.

Equipment Appraisals:  track hoes - heavy equipment.
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White runabout boat on trailer:  recreational vehicle appraisals. Brown classic auto with running boards:  vehicle appraisals. Blue-and-grey air seeder tank in field:  farm equipment appraisal.

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